Professionals in the integration of home automation and inmotics.

Domotics and Inmotics

Domotics and Inmotics

Domotic & Inmotic integration solutions

  • Design and elaboration of the project
  • Management and supervision of the installation
  • Programming of the home automation material
  • After-sales service and technical assistance

We design tailor-made projects for both the residential and the tertiary sector. We have our own system of engineering, monitoring and project execution, advising the client at all times on the technology and software most suited to their needs.

We design, program and implement domotic and inmotic systems for any type of project, whether it is a community of neighbours, companies, individuals…

Our aim is to work according to our clients’ needs and to achieve solutions that are simple, easy and intuitive to adapt.

Tele management services

Boiler control

Portable Refuelling

Tank level management

Domestic hot water and heating control

Intruder detection



Flow control

Consumption readings

Outdoor Remote Level Control

The «remote» level control system for exteriors makes it possible to control the levels of isolated tanks, using a simple photovoltaic installation.

Thanks to a solar panel the system is able to keep the tank data updated in the «cloud», even when the electricity network is not available.

Ideal for remote and autonomous installations.

Outdoor and Group Level Control


The «Server Cabinet», with the same characteristics as the indoor cabinet, prepared for outdoors, and which allows up to 12 tank sensors to be controlled, and a further 128 to be controlled by «Client Cabinets».

The Client Cabinet allows the control of up to 12 more tanks using the «Server Cabinet» modem, making for a more efficient installation in terms of wiring and the necessary 3G communication SIM cards, as all the cabinets use the «Server Cabinet» GPRS gateway.

Boiler Control

Iberdomótica studies in real time the state of the boilers in the buildings, thermal levels of the water or incidents. A functional and economical control tool, useful for maintainers, community presidents or other users.

Using «telemetry» and thanks to the alarms generated from this telemetry, we can optimize our boiler system for greater efficiency, which will result in lower consumption, and a longer duration of the installation.

SCADA Control

The acronym SCADA comes from the English «Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition». This means that a system of this type has the purpose of remotely supervising and controlling an installation, being able to integrate data collected from different sensors, automatons (PLCs) and equipment by means of different protocols in a single place. These readings are carried out in real time and have the possibility of being historicized.

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