About us

Who we are

INFRASTEC works together with its partners, unifying the high technical qualities and experience of the different specialized companies. This allows us to participate in a wide variety of projects in different sectors.

SAEMA Projectos LDA.

Angolan company created in Luanda (Angola) in 2005, for the execution of electrical projects and supplies, the assembly of water purification systems and the supply of medical equipment.

It has representative office in the Angolan capital and its own warehouses, distributed throughout the territory.


SOLTEC Integral Solutions S.L

Spanish company created in 2005 for engineering and assembly in energy, water, health and electronic security. Its headquarters are in Zaragoza, with an office in Madrid.

It has extensive international experience and its professionals have led projects in the fields of energy, water and health in Africa and Central America.



Iberdomótica has extensive experience in the execution of renewable energy projects at an international level.

They are specialists in home automation and building automation integration for any type of project, be it a community of neighbors, companies, individuals…

It is specialized in the automation of buildings through the use of different technologies, they also design customized projects and have their own system of engineering, monitoring and execution of projects, advising the client at all times on the technology and software that best suits their needs. , both in the residential sector and in the tertiary sector.



LandfillSolutions and its REVALUO system aim to revolutionize the waste treatment industry. Through various processes and always depending on the morphology of the waste to be treated, the amount of waste that ends up in a landfill can be reduced by up to 90%.

REVALUO is a waste to energy system that recovers and transforms urban solid waste once it has been stripped of inert or inappropriate elements (stones, sand, metals, glass,…) into other elements with economic value such as BioEthanol, Fuel Bunker, Syngas for the production of electricity, coal smoke, biochar, heat, soil improver, distilled water… and all this with hardly any contamination.

In 60 minutes, REVALUO is capable of treating a minimum of one ton of net waste (without water, inerts, etc.) emitting less than 2g/h, which is considerably less than that produced by a hybrid car driving an hour.


Born in 2012, Swalali was created with the aim of providing financial solvency to the business group to which
belongs. It is in charge of the management and administration of the group’s assets, ensuring its stability
and providing a solid foundation for the growth and economic development of the business. For
To diversify his assets, Swalali invests in three main areas: real estate investments, investments
business and financial investments. At Swalali, we are committed to maximizing the performance of our
resources and generate value for our clients, partners and shareholders through excellence in the management of


What we do

Integral management of projects

Given our experience, we are involved in all stages of projects, either independently or working in a consortium, where we specialize in the stage required to complete our partners.

Financial solutions

Our international financing experts are in charge of the entire project financing process, providing the best solutions to our clients.

Equipment Supplies

As we work in several sectors, we are in contact with many equipment manufacturers, which allows us to offer our customers a wide variety of products quickly and at competitive prices.